Visionary - Success
Visionary - Success

Visionary - Success

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This unique box set contains four hand picked crystals to bring Success. Each stone has been carefully selected to manifest prosperity, happiness, protection, action, good luck and opportunity for those who want to step into their inner god/goddess and allow themselves to chase their dreams. A perfect gift for:

- Congratulations 
- New Job 
- New Business 
- Graduation 
- Promotion 
- Birthday

CARNELIAN: stimulates creativity, individuality and motivates courage for success in business and other areas of life. Helping to sharpen concentration, it also awakens hidden talents and brings good luck and opportunity.

CITRINE: brings success, wealth and prosperity to ones life. Carrying the energy of the sun, citrine is an extremely powerful stone that never needs to be cleansed. This is the stone of abundance, generosity, warmth and happiness.

JET: is full of purification and protection, especially for money and business. It is believed to help with taking control over ones life, promotes balance and can manifest ones desires. Great for removing negative energy, Jet is the perfect stone for creating your own path.

PYRITE: is a stone of action, great for the flow of ideas and tapping into ones potential. It is also a shield, protecting from negative energy and feelings of inadequacy. Believed to instil confidence, it helps to turn ideas into action and carry them through to completion.

This gift consists of: 
❂ Reusable gift box 
❂ 4 carefully selected crystals 
❂ Reusable crystal carry bag 
❂ Crystal meaning and cleansing information 
❂ Hand written gift card 
Packaged beautifully to send directly to a special soul or to gift yourself

NOTE: We handpick all the crystals ourselves and believe that they are just like humans; unique in size, shape, colour and beautiful in their own way. Our photos are to be seen as a guide only.