Te Amo -  Crystal Set
Te Amo -  Crystal Set

Te Amo - Crystal Set

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We have created a crystal intention set to gift yourself and those you love, full of positive, loving and uplifting vibes. 'Te Amo' in Español when directly translated is 'You I love'. Whether giving the gift of self-love or gifting to a special soul, these crystals are perfect for any intention/occasion.

This gorgeous set consists of:

CITRINE CLUSTER: Is the stone of abundance. Carrying the energy of the sun, it is full of warmth, positivity and joy. Placed anywhere in the house or work space, it will lift your spirits and create a sense of serenity. Citrine promotes inner calm for wisdom to grow and teaches one how to manifest wealth and success. It encourages motivation and creativity to follow goals in life and enhances self-esteem and self-confidence.

DESERT ROSE SELENITE: Formed naturally in the desert resembling likeness to a rose, there is something extra special about this crystal. Desert Rose helps with mental clarity, relieving stress and enhancing willpower. Connected with the Crown, Third Eye and Root Chakra, it strengthens ones intuition and connection to the higher realms, whilst remaining grounded. It is your guide and will help you commit to your hearts truth, dissolving old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer align. Each one is believed to come with its own spirit guardian awaiting their soul connection.

ROSE QUARTZ HEART:  Rose Quartz holds a calming energy that instills comfort and peace in its owner. Full of loving vibes it brings a strong sense of self-love, self-forgiveness and self-worth. Connected with the Heart Chakra, this crystal draws on the energy of love in all its forms. Rose Quartz brings everything back to the heart centre and when we live life in this space, only good things emanate from it.

PALO SANTO STICK: Comes from a sacred tree in Peru. Palo Santo has a long history of use in ceremony and for healing purposes. It's smoke is believed to cleanse and purify which is why it is perfect for your crystals as well as your home, work space and yourself. It has the ability to clear away any negative, dull or unwanted energies. Its other benefits include helping to relieve stress and anxiety, enhances creativity, energetic healing benefits, natural insect repellant and can helps to relieve colds, flu, headaches, asthma and allergies.

** The Palo Santo we sell has naturally fallen from the tree and left for a prolonged period of time to age and dry.  It is sustainably sourced so the tree itself is not harmed so its healing properties can work to the best of their ability.

This gift consists of: 
❂ Reusable gift box 
❂ 3 carefully selected crystals & 1 stick of Palo Santo
❂ Crystal meaning and cleansing information & Palo Santo instructions
❂ Hand written gift card (please write your message, quote or mantra in the notes section at the checkout)
❂ Packaged beautifully to send directly to a special soul or to gift yourself

NOTE: We handpick all the crystals ourselves and believe that they are just like humans; unique in size, shape, colour and beautiful in their own way. Our photos are to be seen as a guide only.