Satya Incense Sticks

Satya Incense Sticks

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These hand-rolled incense sticks are derived from natural resources and are a true gift from Mother Nature. This incense will fill your space with their beautiful aromas as well as purifying the air and cleansing it of any negative energy.

Each stick is made from a blend of flowers, spices, resins and oils making them perfect for cleansing and clearing your space and leaving it full of Mother Natures energy.

These incense sticks come in the following fragrances: 

Sandalwood: a beautiful scent that purifies the air, has benefits with healing work, aids in sleep and can uplift moods. 

Nag Champa: helps with relaxing the body, perfect to burn when feelings of stress arise. This scent is often used for meditations.

Patchouli: a powerful earth scent that is great for grounding and spiritual work. It holds benefits that help relax the body, mind and spirit. 

Add to any crystal box or raw crystal order and you have the perfect combination of Mother Natures gifts!

NOTE: * Each box weighs 15 grams and each stick has a burning time of around 40 minutes.

** Please keep out of reach of children, away from flammable materials and never leave unattended.