Positive Priestess
Positive Priestess
Positive Priestess

Positive Priestess

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Positive Priestess crystals are for those souls looking to fill their space with the most beautiful and uplifting energy. Every Priestess needs their surroundings to align with their higher-selves so they stay in their power, remain authentic and rise up to their calling.

Positive energy raises our vibration which has an effect on every aspect of our life. If we are in a higher vibration, the amazing things we have been manifesting suddenly align and we start to live the life we have dreamed of. So with this in mind, we have created a beautiful box of crystals to fill your home or workspace or to gift to a beautiful Priestess that you know. Each crystal has been specifically hand selected to bring positivity, love, clarity, inspiration and nurturing energy into the life of the beholder.

Each box comes with a stick of Palo Santo from a sacred tree in Peru. Palo Santo has a long history of use in ceremony and for healing purposes. It's smoke is believed to cleanse and purify which is why it is perfect for your crystals, your home, work space and yourself. It has the ability to clear away any negative, dull or unwanted energies.

AMETHYST: is a strong protector and aids in calming the mind, improving motivation and helping to put decisions into action. This powerful stone also encourages inner strength, helps you to feel grounded, attracts positive energy and rids the body of feelings of stress. Place a piece of Amethyst beside your bed to encourage a restful nights sleep.

CITRINE: Is full of positivity, joy, warmth and happiness. It holds no negative energy so it never needs to be cleansed. This crystal is so powerful that it can transmute negativity into positive energy, making it a perfect crystal for any sacred space. 

CLEAR QUARTZ: is known as a master healer as it holds the ability to amplify other crystals in its presence. It brings clarity to the mind, calms the body and helps to connect the crown chakra to the higher realms. A beautiful crystal to hold, carry with you or meditate with. 

ROSE QUARTZ: is the stone of unconditional love. It has a beautiful calming energy that instills comfort and peace in its owner. Full of loving vibes, this stone helps dispel any negative energy and generates a sense of personal fulfilment, self-worth, self-forgiveness and a strong sense of self-love.

This gift consists of: 
❂ Reusable gift box 
❂ 4 carefully selected crystals + 1 stick of Palo Santo 
❂ Crystal meaning & cleansing information + Palo Santo instructions
❂ Hand written gift card (please write your message, mantra or quote in the notes section at the checkout)
❂ Packaged beautifully to send directly to a special soul or to gift yourself

NOTE: We handpick all the crystals ourselves and believe that they are just like humans; unique in size, shape, colour and beautiful in their own way. Our photos are to be seen as a guide only.