Luxurious Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Luxurious Rose Quartz Eye Mask

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Made from intricately woven rose quartz crystals, this unique eye mask offers the heart nourishing energetics of rose quartz. Carefully designed to rest over acupuncture points that have been traditionally used:

  • to brighten the eyes
  • clear sinuses
  • encourage reconnection of mind and body
  • relax facial muscles
  • aid skin health

Rose quartz is connected with the heart chakra and is extremely important in the balance of giving and receiving love. The chakras, or energy centres, connect our external world with our internal world. 

The heart chakra is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras and when there is a blockage here, energy cannot flow as it was intended too. By opening the heart to love in all its forms, we have the ability to raise our vibration and reach a higher level of consciousness. 

This mask is perfectly suited to enhancing your 'me' time, your meditation practice, or be a ritual for you to reconnect to your breath.  

Presented in our silk lined box, for optimal care, storage and safe travel.