Little Spirit - Crystals for Kids
Little Spirit - Crystals for Kids

Little Spirit - Crystals for Kids

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This unique gift bag contains four hand selected crystals for the little spirit/s in your life. Children are fascinated by the magic of nature and are instinctively drawn to crystals, rocks and stones. This set is designed to help children with confidence, leadership, self-love, self-belief and assists on an emotional level to calm anger, fears, encourage a restful sleep and bring balance into their lives.

AGATE GEODE: is the stone of luck and will be their protector. Assisting with intelligence and creativity, it will also help with their confidence, courage and strength to follow their dreams. A perfect crystal to hold if they are feeling fearful.

AMETHYST: has a calming and peaceful energy. Placed beside their bed, it allows for a better nights sleep. Enhancing them to trust how you feel, it is also great for calming emotions during feelings of anger and helps with balancing inner peace.

GREEN AVENTURINE: is a great crystal to hold when they are in need of some happy and joyful energy. Great for leadership and motivation, this magical crystal can also act as their protector.

ROSE QUARTZ: holds lots of loving magic. It teaches them to love themselves, believe in themselves and to let go of hurt feelings, jealousy, fear, and trust that they can do anything they put their mind to.

This gift consists of: 
❂ 4 carefully selected crystals  

❂ Reusable crystal carry bag 
❂ Crystal meaning and cleansing information cards


  • You have the choice of what colour Agate Geode you would like to add to your gift bag. At the check out, please state your colour choice i.e pink, blue, aqua or purple (second photo), and we will do our best to accomodate your preference. Unfortunately they may not all be available at the time of purchase, so please have a second choice in mind. If you do not state a colour choice, one will be chosen at random for your gift bag.

  • Crystals can be a choking hazard so please do not gift them to children under the age of 4. We handpick all the crystals ourselves and believe that they are just like humans; unique in size, shape, colour and beautiful in their own way. Our photos are to be seen as a guide only.