Purity - Energy Cleansing Intention Set
Purity - Energy Cleansing Intention Set
Purity - Energy Cleansing Intention Set
Purity - Energy Cleansing Intention Set
Purity - Energy Cleansing Intention Set

Purity - Energy Cleansing Intention Set

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This beautiful set holds everything you need to cleanse and clear old energy out of your life. This set has been intuitively created to bring calm, grounding, protection, harmony and balance into ones space and life. This set can be used in the home, workspace, sacred space or anywhere you feel guided to take it. 

ABALONE SHELL: Shaped naturally by the ocean in Western Australia, these shells are sustainably sourced. The shell itself is believed to hold energetic healing properties that balances emotions and brings protection to its owner, especially for those going through a tough time. These shells allow you to cleanse your home/workspace/sacred space safely as they will catch any falling ash. After cleansing, you can safely place your Palo Santo wand in the shell as acts as a fire proof bowl. They can also be used to hold your crystals or as alter pieces. When you receive your abalone shell, you will intuitively know where to place it. To read more, click here.

AMETHYST CLUSTER: is a strong protector and aids in calming the mind, improving motivation and helping to put decisions into action. This powerful stone also encourages inner strength, will keep you grounded, aid with sleep and allow for a deeper spiritual connection when meditated with. Being a cluster, the crystals energy is emitted through each beautifully formed point. Whats extra special about clusters is that the energy from each point works harmoniously with one another so it is perfect for teaching harmony and balance in a workspace, family, share house or couple etc. 

PALO SANTO CLEANSING WAND: Is not only stunning to look at, but holds the ability to cleanse, clear and uplift the energy of your crystals, home, workspace, sacred space and yourself! Our Palo Santo Cleansing Wand is handmade with a combination of Palo Santo, White Sage, Organic Lavender Blossoms, Organic Rose Buds - to clear, protect, balance, calm & raise the vibes! To read more and find instructions, click here.

This set consists of:

❂ Natural Abalone Shell

❂ Amethyst Cluster

❂ Palo Santo Cleansing Wand

❂ Crystal/Palo Santo/Abalone Shell Information + Energy Cleansing Instructions

❂ Complimentary Gift Card (please read below)

NOTE: If you are sending as a gift, please leave your special message in the 'Notes' section at the checkout and we will handwrite it on a complimentary gift card for you. If its for yourself, why not leave a special message or a mantra. Self-love is the ultimate gift!

** We handpick all the crystals ourselves and believe that they are just like humans; unique in size, shape, colour and beautiful in their own way. Our photos are to be seen as a guide only.