Bloom - Fertility

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Bloom; a beautiful process of becoming.

This crystal box set was created to support those on their fertility journey. Crystals aid in supporting the energy systems of the body (the Chakras) and can help with healing and insight on a vibrational level. As you connect with these crystals, you connection back with yourself, opening the door to growth and evolution. Each crystal has been specifically chosen for its purpose to bring love, grounding, sexual connection, personal connection, calm and support in order for change to occur.

This box set holds the following crystals:

CARNELIAN: Is connected with the Sacral Chakra which is all about feeling, such as: passion, desire, intimacy and connection. Located just below the naval it is linked with the sexual organs and the reproductive area. Carnelian helps us to open up and feel into our body rather than thinking all the time. It sparks creativity, happiness and calms helps to calm the body in order for the womb to blossom.

HEMATITE: Brings courage, willpower and a optimistic mindset. It is extremely grounding and helps with to bring Qi (life force or energy flow) down into the pelvis. Hold this crystal when you are feeling anxious and open up to it energy. Its heaviness pulls us down as a remind of the earth energy. Opening up to Mother Nature will teach us many lessons and may bring insight to where it is needed.


MOONSTONE: as its name suggests, it is connected with the moon, the feminine energy, which is connection with the tides and our monthly cycle. Its nurturing energy