Our Journey

Over the years, I had connected with crystals well before I was consciously aware of it. Whilst travelling through Peru, I came across a lady selling her handmade jewellery in the streets of Huanchaco. I was instantly attracted to a pyrite necklace which I still wear and love to this day. I had no idea what pyrite was then, I was just completely drawn to its beauty.

Fast forward to a ceremony I experienced on the island of Bali, Indonesia, where I came in contact with a powerful rose quartz crystal that brought insight, acceptance and healing. It honestly changed my life and now crystals continue to have a huge impact on me daily. 

With a strong love for the natural environment together with experiencing the power of crystals, Arwoken was born so that others could see the importance of connecting back with nature, looking within and becoming more mindful in order to live a happier, more heart-centred life. We can only change the world by changing ourselves, and our mission is to shower the world in crystal energy as we slowly awaken, and realise just how important the simple things in life are. The lessons are endless and I challenge you to step barefoot in nature to experience it for yourself.

Arwoken is my gift to you and your loved ones. May you remain in the present moment, find purpose in your life and live it with pure love and intention.

Gratitude always,



Meaning of:

The name of this business, like everything else I have created, holds its own special meaning. Years ago, I was listening to one of my coaches at that time speak and he said this word in a sentence. It struct a chord straight away and I wrote it down. It was as if in that split second, time stood still and I knew straight away that it held a powerful meaning for me. Awoken is the past principle verb to ‘awaken’ and means to: ‘stop sleeping; wake from sleep’, ‘cause (someone) to wake from sleep’ and ‘regain consciousness’. I truly feel that crystals did just that for me. Each time I sat down to meditate with them, or carried them with me, its was like I was opening up more and delving deeper and deeper into the whispers of my soul. With each box I create, I hope it does the same to the receiver. If we can regain consciousness and presence in our lives, we have far greater control over how we treat ourselves, how we interact with the world and inevitably how we live our lives from our heartspace - which means to truly live in alignment with your soul. Once someone or something stirs up that inner voice that we all hold within us, in a moment our lives can change for the better. Truly discovering who we are and why we are here can set us on our soul journey and by doing so, will light the way for others to do the same. I believe we all came here to walk our unique soul path and if you are reading this, and it sparks something in you, I encourage you to delve deeper into what makes your soul sing. There is so much to life, far beyond what we are told and what we can see. Connect with your crystals, drop into your heartspace and experience what magic truly is. 

The spelling was changed to incorporate my initials 'AR', as this is the name I incarnated with in this lifetime. I believe we choose our name, our parents and our path in the form of a soul contract before transitioning into this lifetime. It is a reminder that we are all human, no one is above another, we will make mistakes but we have the ability to learn, grow and evolve from them. I am constantly being awoken daily to do just this and stay on my path, especially when it gets challenging. I hope you are able to connect with this also. As I mentioned above, Arwoken is my gift to you, with far greater meaning and intention. The crystals come in the physical form, but the deeper philosophy lays in how you connect with them and yourself. Each box comes with a secret mindfulness message as a reminder of the magic we all hold within us. My wish is that you never forget this.