Our Story

Over the years, I had connected with crystals well before I was consciously aware of it. Whilst travelling through Peru, I came across a lady selling her handmade jewellery in the streets of Huanchaco. I was instantly attracted to a pyrite necklace which I still wear and love to this day. I had no idea what pyrite was then, I was just completely drawn to its beauty.

Fast forward to a ceremony I experienced on the island of Bali, Indonesia, where I came in contact with a powerful rose quartz crystal that brought insight, acceptance and healing. It honestly changed my life and now crystals continue to have a huge impact on me daily. 

With a strong love for the natural environment together with experiencing the power of crystals, Arwoken was born so that others could see the importance of connecting back with nature, looking within and becoming more mindful in order to live a happier, more heart-centred life. We can only change the world by changing ourselves, and our mission is to shower the world in crystal energy as we slowly awaken, and realise just how important the simple things in life are. The lessons are endless and I challenge you to step barefoot in nature to experience it for yourself.

Arwoken is my gift to you and your loved ones. May you remain in the present moment, find purpose in your life and live it with pure love and intention.