About Crystals

Crystals have been used for thousands of years by many ancient civilisations (including the Egyptians, tribes throughout the Americas, China, India, England and many more) with a recorded use dating back to over 5,000 years. Discovered all over the world in prehistoric graves, they are a source of information and a reminder from the medicine men and woman who worked with them of the importance nature plays in our lives today.

From a scientific point of view, crystals have the ability to vibrate energy due to their biological molecular structure and can be found in products we use today such as: clocks, computers and watches. As quoted by the great Nikola Tesla:

“In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

Crystals hold their own unique meanings and connect with the body via our energy centres. These energy centres are called Chakras, and there are 7 major ones that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The chakras are how we exchange energy with our internal and external world and each one correlates to different organs and glands in the body. When there are imbalances or blockages, we become unbalanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Crystals connect with these chakras and can help to balance, unblock and provide insight. The crystals we are attracted to are the ones we need the most. 


(Image via Alexander Fairman)  




When you receive a new crystal, we recommend you cleanse them first as they will have absorbed the energy of others on their journey to you. There are a number of ways to do this and we suggest the one that feels right for you:

Water: Place your crystals under running water, in the ocean, river, stream or waterfall. Imagine the negative energy washing away for about a minute and pat dry afterwards. 

Fire: Burning a stick of white sage, palo santo or natural incense and allowing the smoke to go over the crystals. You can use a feather or your hand to fan the smoke across your crystals for around 20-30 seconds. 

Earth: Bury your crystals in the ground or in a clay pot filled with dirt and dig them out after a few days.


After cleansing your crystals it is time to re-charge their energy:

Moon: Place your crystals outside to bathe under the moon, the full moon is the best time. 

Sun: Placing crystals in sunlight for a few minutes will re-charge them. 

* WARNING: Some crystals can discolour from this method as well as potentially causing a fire, so please do this with the upmost care.  


Programming sets your intended purpose for your crystals. Hold each crystal in your hand at a time and say out loud your intended purpose. You can repeat this as many times as you need. Trust your intuition and place the crystal wherever feels right or carry it with you.

Cleansing, charging and programming your crystals on a regular basis allows them to function to the best of their ability. Look after your crystals and they will look after you.


Amethyst point found in our Warrior Spirit box