So Hum Gift Bag - Protection/Support
So Hum Gift Bag - Protection/Support

So Hum Gift Bag - Protection/Support

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We have named this gift bag 'So Hum' after a Sanskrit mantra that is translated to mean 'I am That'. 'That' represents the Universe and refers to our connection to 'oneness'; the beautiful universal energy that constantly supports and nourishes us at all times. 

This unique gift bag contains 3 hand picked crystals to bring protection, clarity, positivity and a strong sense of calm, crystal meaning and cleansing info and a crystal carry bag.

BLACK TOURMALINE: Acts as a protective shield. It cleanses and purifies heavy energy from your environment and diverts any negativity from others. It helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and encourages self-confidence. 

CITRINE: Carries the powerful energy of the sun and promotes inner calm for wisdom to grow. This is the stone of abundance, believed to teach one how to manifest wealth, success and positivity. Citrine holds no negative energy and never needs to be cleansed. Full of pure joy, this stone will lift your space and your spirits.

SELENITE WAND: Calms emotions, brings clarity and clears any confusion to allow one to see the bigger picture. Connected with the Crown Chakra, it opens the mind to connect deeper with ones spiritual side. It instills feeling of safety and is a great crystal to hold for relieving anxiety and stress. NOTE: Place your crystals on your Selenite wand to cleanse them - see last picture.

When we feel at one with the universe, we are never alone. When we learn to 'let go' of control, we open up to new beginnings as old belief patterns start to fall away. We are spiritual souls living a human life experience and no one said that we are here to be in a constant state of worry. Give in to the process and life will blossom.