Why Give Children Crystals?

There is no denying that Crystals are beautiful and we are naturally and internally drawn to them. But why? Even further, why are our children so attracted to crystals? I’m so thrilled to have Ainsley from Arwoken joining us today to explain…

I originally created a crystal gift bag for a friend and noticed how fascinated her son was by them. I knew my nieces loved crystals so I asked around and found that most of the children in my life also loved crystals. I began to research and found that children are naturally drawn to them; their colours, shapes, textures and energy. This of course made sense as kids love anything derived from nature.

"Crystals hold their own unique meanings and connect with the body via our energy centres".

These energy centres are called Chakras, and there are 7 major ones that sit out from the body starting at the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The chakras are how we exchange energy with our internal and external world, and each one correlates to different organs and glands in the body. When there are imbalances or blockages, we ourselves become unbalanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Crystals connect with these chakras and can help to balance, unblock and bring insight. It is said that the crystals we are attracted to are the ones we need most.

When children learn about crystals, they also become better at understanding their own emotions, feelings and overall awareness of their bodies. This helps with communication skills, emotional intelligence and mindfulness; all important skills to have throughout their lives. Teaching children meditation with crystals is a great way for them to learn how to calm their own emotions, to be more present and to think positively about themselves, their actions and others.

One way for you and your child/children to connect with crystals is to create routines with them. In the morning, you can both choose a crystal to have with you for the day and at night, they can choose a more calming crystal to help with relaxation before bed time.

Crystals, like us, absorb energies, so it is always recommended that you cleanse them first. This way they function at their optimal level. This is another great ritual for your child/children to do and if it is around the time of a full moon, then you can put all your crystals outside together to recharge their energies.

Mother Nature is our best teacher and crystals are a great way of getting kids outside and learning about our natural environment. We tend to forget the power that nature has on our mental health, so when your child engages with nature, you also have the ability to do the same and be truly present.


Arwoken offers ‘Little Spirit’ gift bags that contain crystals specifically for children. These crystals have been carefully selected to help with confidence, leadership, self-love, self-belief, anxiety, nervousness and to assist on an emotional level to help calm anger, fears, encourage a restful sleep and bring balance into their lives.

For adults, Arwoken have created a number of crystal gift boxes for all occasions (birthdays, get well soon, anniversaries, in sympathy etc). Packaged as a ready made gift for yourself or the special souls in your life, they are a unique gift from the heart. To read more about our crystal boxes, please visit  arwoken.com.au

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