Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond - The Goddess Crystals

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, yet can be an emotional roller coaster. At the start of my pregnancy, I first experienced shock (even though we weren't 'not trying') and then the fear started to set in. I was so overwhelmed with everything I needed to know as well as constantly feeling nauseous and extremely tired. Even the task of getting out of bed to make my lemon water was a battle. Morning sickness completely threw me and I felt disconnect from everything and everyone. 

When I came back to reality around week 15, things turned a corner. I got back into my morning routine of yoga and meditation, I started to learn hypnobirthing (which I highly recommend) and had the energy and inspiration to continue to create and evolve my first baby, Arwoken.


 (Goddess crystal box)


I felt inspired to offer a gift box of crystals for the Goddess, the Mum to be. I do believe all women are goddesses whether they decide to have children or not. The name was inspired by the knowledge that many, many moons ago, women were once worshipped for being the creators of life. Pregnancy has become a normal thing in our society and I felt that we have forgotten to really stop and think about how amazing it is and SHE is. A womens body is the only thing on this earth that connects the spirit world with the human world. We are portals and gift the world with these souls on a daily basis. How is that not mind blowing?!

I carefully chose the crystals for this box through experience and intuition. Howlite is one on my favourite stones and lives under my pillow. Throughout my pregnancy, I slept amazing (yes, there were times I woke up randomly but I would hold my Howlite and easy drift back to sleep). I can honestly say my sleep was great, even in the final weeks too. I used Howlite before I fell pregnant so I knew it had to be in the Goddess box. It also teaches patience and draws away negative energy (especially for those times that people want to tell you their bad birth stories!).


(Image & cover image captured by Sally McCann Photography )


Moonstone, like its name suggests, is connected to the moon. This divine feminine energy helps with bringing us back to sense of wholeness. Throughout pregnancy, there are so many hormones and emotions to throw us off balance, so Moonstone is the harmoniser and connects one back to their greatest gift, intuition. This is one of the most important things we need to listen too, especially when we are carrying a little vessel. 

Black Onyx is the protector stone. I read about its abilities to help with strength and stamina on your birthing day and I put it to the test. I held onto my Onyx stone throughout my labour and birthed my son naturally and without any drugs or intervention (yes hypnobirthing really works!). My first surge/contraction started at 5 minutes apart and lasted for 1-1.20 minutes. I truly believe that Onyx gave me the extra physical and emotional reassurance I needed, especially at the end when I was physically exhausted and almost ready to give up.

Rose Quartz was always going to be apart of this box. The stone of love surrounds mum and baby throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Its protecting yet soft and nurturing, and one to carry with you when you are feeling a little vulnerable or emotional. 


(My inspiration behind the Goddess box) 


This crystal box is designed as a gift for yourself or that special goddess in your life. Each crystal has been cleansed under the full moon and each box is made with the purest of intentions and copious amounts of love. I hope this brings nothing but happiness to those who receive it.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this box, any other crystal boxes/products on offer or my hypnobirthing experience. Always happy to help where I can.

Love & gratitude always,

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