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If you are new to crystals or have been a crystal lover for awhile and would like to incorporate them more into your daily life, we have created a list below of ways to use your crystals on a regular basis.

Firstly though, we need to understand how they work. Crystals are formed all over the world and the science behind them is that each one has its own DNA; a way of recognising its mineral family on a microscopic level. Their internal structure has a repeating atomic lattice that is unique to its kind. At the core of a crystal is an atom consisting of particles rotating around the centre which are constantly in motion, and as Judy Hall writes in her book ‘The Crystal Bible’:

“(Even though) a crystal may look outwardly serene, it is actually a seething molecular mass vibrating at a certain frequency. This is what gives a crystal its energy.”

Crystals are very much alive and can have huge benefits in your life. Do you ever feel that a trip to the beach, a walk within nature or just being in the garden can lift your mood? Or even give you clarity? That is the power of nature. Many years ago, we would have live amongst it, walked barefoot, made our own medicine from the plants and bathed in the rivers and lakes. Our society has been so drawn away from nature that we have forgotten how important it is to our overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Incorporating nature back into your life will not only make you feel more connected with yourself and your passions, but it will also remind you of what is truly important in life.

So, how do you incorporate crystals into your daily routine? Here are a few ideas to help you connect with your crystals more:


Meditating with your crystals 

Meditation is honestly a life changing practice and this is speaking from experience. If you are someone who never shuts off mentally, then you will benefit a lot from incorporating this practice into your life. In saying this, we believe that everyone would benefit from consistant meditation.

Before you start, choose a crystal, don’t overthink this part. Your intuition will guide you, just choose the one/s that stands out to you (this can change all the time). Find a comfortable place to sit, turn off all distractions, light a candle or some incense and hold your crystal in your hand or place it in front of you. You may get the message to pick it up, switch hands, move it to a certain body parts or place it in a different area of the house. Trust this, you are being guided. Some people can feel a spark, energy, tingling, itching sensations etc when using crystals. This is completely normal. It is also completely normal not to feel anything at all and does not mean that the crystal is not working.

If you are a skeptic of meditation, try it for a week and see the difference. If you are a meditation lover, incorporating crystals will give you a new experience and you may find that you receive more clarity around certain situations or just feel an energy shift. Everyone will have a different story to tell.

There are some amazing apps that can help you to learn to meditate such as Smiling Mind, The Mindfulness App and Calm just to name a few.

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Carry them with you

Choose the crystal/s you want for the day and take them with you. Hold them in your hands, in your pocket, carry them in your handbag/wallet or even in your bra (yes, we do this all the time). Crystals have the ability to calm feelings of nervousness, anxiousness and worry. They can also increase positive feelings as well. Just being around your chosen crystals will make a difference in your daily life. 


Creating Sacred Spaces

What we mean by this is that if you want your bedroom, for example, to be a place of love, choose crystals that emit this type of energy i.e Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Clear Quartz etc. If you want your office to be a place where you are most creative, motivated and driven for success, then having crystals such as Pyrite, Carnelian and Citrine will fill the room with this type of energy.

Other spaces we would recommend would be calming crystals in children bedrooms and crystals full of joy and happiness in rooms you entertain.

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Calming Night Routine

If you are not the best sleeper, hold the right crystals before you go to sleep and place them under your pillow to help encourage a restful nights sleep. Our recommendation would be Amethyst, Howlite or Quartz.




Want something really bad? A holiday, that new job, a raise, strength, courage, love…the possibilities are endless. Crystals are a great way to attract the life you have always dreamed about. Firstly, do your research and find out what crystal matches your goals and then talk to your crystal. It may sound silly, but never underestimate the power of your words. Hold your crystal, visualise what you want, feel the emotions that you will experience when this happens and say your manifestation out loud. By visualising, feeling and speaking your manifestation, you are using three powerful chakras (3rd eye, heart and throat) to send out your intentions. Truly believe it can happen and the universe will do the rest!

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We hope these tips can help you build a deeper connection with your crystals, and in turn, with yourself. If you have any questions or want to request a topic for a blog, feel free to email us -




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