Healing + Crystals: Getting Real

One of my favourite crystal gurus, Nicholas Pepe, wrote in an instagram posts: "There are places in us we avoid like the 'plague'. Pushing them deeper down until the only relationship we have with them is one that only knows denial". This really got me thinking as it is easy to get carried away with the idea that crystals will magically make all your problems, heart break, trauma etc disappear. 

This is something that I wanted to make very clear, crystals are not your 'get out of jail free' card. They are to be used in conjunction with your own personal soul work. By the term 'soul work', I mean delving into the self, facing the mirror and getting real with what is going on internally. No matter how many crystals you buy, prayers you say or healings you have, if you are not consciously doing the work, nothing is going to change.

Doing soul work is something to be admired. Being vulnerable, raw and real is the most scariest thing we can do, yet it is the most liberating and freeing feeling. 


- Brené Brown Quote (image via pinterest)


My story:

My father was a Vietnam Veteran who suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) throughout my childhood and right up until his death at the young age 62. Growing up in this environment meant my whole family and I suffered PTSD without even being aware of it. This became more apparent in my early to mid twenties, yet it was something I was unwilling to deal with. I worked on auto-pilot and suppressed the sadness I felt about my fathers passing as well as the issues from my childhood.

It wasn't until I reached my later twenties that I opened that can of worms and started to delve into the darkness. Being vulnerable growing up was a sign of weakness, so this was not the easiest step. It was terrifying, yet I was lucky enough to have so much love and support around me. I went to counselling, saw a median, drank medicine in the amazon, read numerous books, studied mindfulness, learnt to meditate, journaled, sat in womens circles and truly allowed myself to open up and be vulnerable in order for healing to occur. It was while I was on this journey that I connected with crystals. Sitting in ceremony with two other powerful and inspiring women, I came in contact with the beautiful rose quartz. It helped to release the blockages I held in my heart space and opened my eyes to the magical world of crystals. These powerful tools continue to bring insight, wisdom and guidance daily. I can honestly say that after walking through the dark I found the light in myself. The journey is never over, but this chapter is something I will be forever grateful for.

I created Arwoken to encourage people to reconnect back to Mother Nature, our greatest teacher. She offers so much wisdom, guidance and healing for those who are ready to listen. This brings a sense of mindfulness, and when we are truly present, we understand ourselves on a whole new level and start to walk in the footsteps of our higher self.


Our Warrior Spirit crystals for Strength


Arwoken crystals have been specifically hand selected and packaged together to help with whatever journey you are on. They are gifts from Mother Nature and I believe the right ones come into your life for a reason. They are here to help with healing as well as striving to reach your goals; team work is the key. Crystals are your support to be your true authentic self and when you show up, the universe will be right there to assist you. You hold this key, and only you. Nurturing your internal world will be your biggest strength and greatest gift.

Please feel free to reach out if this blog speaks to you. I am always happy to talk crystals and healing.

Love always,

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