Crystals for the Soul

Arwoken crystals are a little gift of mindfulness & Mother Natures medicine all in one. They are designed with the purest of intentions to connect us back to nature and back to our higher self, in order to live our best, most heart-centred life.


Our Gift to You

We are lovers of nature, crystals and mindful gift giving. Inspired to spread love, we have created unique gifts full on crystal energy for you and the special souls in your life. 

Our beautifully packaged crystal gift boxes are handcrafted for a number of intentions including:

New BeginningsPregnancy, Birth & BeyondStrength
LoveTravelAbundance Health & HealingSuccess
and more.

When in true alignment, we have the ability to live a life full of abundance. Mother Nature has gifted us crystals for this very reason and when connecting with her medicine, we connect back to ourselves and our true life purpose.

Crystal Connections

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Valentines Day Loving Vibes

We have a number of options to gift those special souls in your life and yourself this Valentines Day. There is nothing more pure than love, so remember to return to your heart's where you'll will find home.


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Just received my order and just wanted to say how gorgeous the packaging is and the hand written card is such a beautiful touch! 
Thank you so much.

Megan P

We gave her crystals special intentions the night before and told her "they'll keep you safe and strong all day". She told me when I picked her up that she had a great day but at lunchtime she felt a bit sad but remembered her crystals and it made her happy. So they worked a treat, I absolutely loved it! Thanks a million. Such beautiful gift for the night before.

Carly L

Its a fabulous concept. I'll be telling everyone about it and I am sure you will hear from me soon. Better than sending flowers to be honest!

Lucy S

Thank you so much Ainsley, you're a darling. Can’t wait to get them. The pregnancy crystals are for my beautiful daughter who is having her first baby, can’t wait to give them to her. Thank you so much.

Karen H

Thanks for your email and for sending our lovely gift.

Rebecca L

Thank you Ainsley. Looking forward to receiving them, they are for my two prospective daughter-in-laws and sister for Christmas so hoping they will bring them the best, was hard to choose :)

Karen D

No gift card required thank you, it’s a little treat for myself  😊✨
Thanks for your lovely customer service!

Kristy J

Thank you for your help and your gorgeous product. Beats flowers any day of the week.

Julie G

Yes, I did receive my order today and I’m super happy with it...shipping time was amazing and I’m super happy with my products!

Khyran S